Rajasthan-301701 / CBSE Affiliation No: 1730638

Guidelines For Parents  
  1. Remarks made by the Principal or teacher in the school 11. Parents/guardians must restrict their wards against diary are required to be countersigned by your side it must be checked regularly. The school diary is a link between the school & parents.
  2. Parents/guardians are encouraged to seek clarification on all matters pertaining to their wards.
  3. In case of the legitimate complaint or a matter requiring serious attention, the class teacher/Principal should be promptly contacted.
  4. Parents/guardians and visitors are not allowed to visit the academic blocks. In case of necessity when students or teachers are to be met, prior permission from the Principal is required.
  5. Parents/guardians are requested to notify the school of any change of address. Full address and telephone number should be listed on the first page of the school diary.
  6. Where special precautions regarding health are to be taken for a particular student, parents/guardians are advised to make a written request to the Principal.
  7. Parents/guardians must ensure good health of their ward by regular medical check-up including dental and eyes.
  8. Parents must ensure personal hygiene of children like trimming of nails, regular haircut and well attired uniform.
  9. Absence from class for social functions is strongly discouraged. Parents are responsible for any loss to the performance of their wards due to this.
  10. Parents/guardians are advised to send water bottle and lunch box from home. Purchase of food, refreshment from street vendors after/before the school hours is strictly prohibited.
  11. As the medium of instruction in the school is English, a certain amount of regular conversation in English at home will help your ward to follow his/her classroom instructions easily.
  12. Half day for the students is not allowed except in case of emergency. Parents are requested not to encourage their ward for the same. Prior information is compulsory for half day.
  13. The school strongly discourages private tuitions if the child’s performance is not satisfactory, parents should contact the Principal for guidance.
  14. The Report Cards of Term & Final Examination are given to the parents/guardians only.
  15. Parents & guardians are strongly recommended to attend Parents Teacher Meet (compulsory) in the general interest of the child.
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